Marnie Cooper
Marnie Cooper and Jenny Randall
Portrayed by Brittany Robertson
Location Woodsboro
Occupation None
Status Deceased
Appearance Scream 4

Marnie Cooper is a character in Scream 4,She is best friends with Jenny Randall.

Gutted Marnie


Marnie and Jenny watch Stab 7,when Marnie says she doesnt get it,Jenny explains it to her and the Jenny Hears something,Jenny gets up and goes up stairs,Marnie waits down stairs when the phone suddenly goes off,


"Whos This"-Ghostface

"Marnie,Whos this"-Marnie

"The Last person your ever gonna see alive"-Ghostface


Jenny suddenly begins laughing and Marnies hears telling her its not funny Marnie is suddenly attacked and later thrown through a window.

Her next appearance is druing an investigation scene when Dewey,Perkins,Hicks and Hoss find her and Jenny Dead she is hung in the ceiling fan(Deleted Scene).

Her final appearance is in the end when Charlie shows Jill and Sidney her death on videos.

Alternate OpeningEdit

Marnie gets up to get some drinks,Pretzels and Chips when she suddenly sees Ghostface behind Jenny,She tells her its not funny and Jenny confused says "What" she is then stabbed and Marnie runs but is also killed.