Randy Explains

Randy Meeks is a character that appears in all three Scream movies, and is played by Jamie Kennedy. Randy is a huge horror movie fanatic, and works at a video store in Scream. Randy is part of the group in which Sidney hangs out. He is extremely knowledgeable of the clichés and stereotypes of various horror films. He also has a small crush on Sidney Prescott. In Scream 2, Randy attends Windsor College where he takes a film class. Sidney also attends Windsor College. Randy is killed in the second Scream movie by Ghostface, and makes an appearance in a video in Scream 3.


When Randy recieves a menacing phone call from the killer, he has to keep the killer on the line while Gale and Dewey try to look for the killer around the campus of Windsor College. Randy asks the killer all different questions, and talks badly about Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Randy is then pulled into Joel's van, and slammed against the window by the killer. His throat is slashed, then he is stabbed three times in the stomach by the killer. Randy is later found by Gale, Dewey, and Joel.