Screamone 2

Tatum Riley was a character from Scream, played by Rose McGowan, and she appears in the first Scream film. Tatum is Sidney Prescott's best friend in the first film, and Dewey Riley's younger sister. She was also the girlfriend of Stu Macher in the first film. Tatum was killed in the first Scream movie by Ghostface.


Tatum is asked to go get so beers from the fridge in the garage during Stu's party, where she is ambushed by the killer, who at first she thinks is only Randy. Ghostface slices Tatum's her arm with his knife, and she manages to fight him off, but with no other way out, she uses the cat flap in the garage door as an escape. However, after climbing through, she gets stuck halfway. Ghostface then activates the door, causing it to rise up and take Tatum with it. Her head is crushed by the beams above as the door reaches the top. Tatum's corpse is later found by her best friend, Sidney Prescott.